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Spas are found in most homes, and the incorporation of the spa into the landscape is often important.

Paver Patio & Driveways

Walkways provide a sturdy surface to walk on and connect different areas of gardens together.


Flagstone walkway

Walls provide support for terraces and can be
made of wood, block, concrete, or rock.

Dry, stacked rock walls

Allan Block Segmented Wall

Concrete Block Wall with Stucco

Poured Concrete Wall with Wood Cap

Wood Wall

Redwood Retaining Walls

Concrete Poured Wall with Rounded Steps

Closeup of Stamped Concrete

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A good design transforms your dreams into reality. Successful designs incorporate color, texture, form contrast, and focal point. The Evergreen design process is always a collaboratve effort between the client and designer. Evergreen Landscape offers:

¨Design Consultation
¨Conceptual Plans
¨Full construction Drawings
¨Site Analysis

We can help design the perfect outdoor living space, incorporating everything from a private garden…

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This Page is Under Construction

Before and After pictures:




Paver Patio & Driveways